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Heating & Cooling Tips For Melbourne

Upgrade To A Smart AC/Heating System with AirTouch 5

10 December 2023

Australia’s Smartest WiFi & App Enabled Air Conditioning Controller. designed in Australia for australian Conditions Enhance your air conditioning with AirTouch 5, the controller to take care of your climate control from a touch screen, phone or tablet. Save Energy, Save Money – With zoning, you can reduce the size of the AC unit you […]

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Bonaire’s New Silhouette Evaporative Ultimate –

10 November 2022

The Ultimate in Evaporative Cooling! Ultra low profile – Ultra low running costs – Perfect for Melbourne homes Bonaire’s top of the range model the Pinnacle, has now been superceded by the ultra low profile Silhouette range which consists of the Ultimate & Premium models.  Key Evaporative Cooling Features – Ultimate Model imPress Motor  Is […]

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myAir – control Your Air-Conditioning From Anywhere

16 September 2021

myAir Is The Ultimate Smart Air Conditioning Solution Talk to the dale Air Sales Team about Integrating MyAir with your new ducted refrigerated Air Conditioning System Benefits of MyAir Include – Standard Ducted Refrigerated Systems may come with 4 or 5 zone system, however MyAir can individually zone each room (10 room limit). You can […]

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Dale air – Approved Supplier Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program

30 August 2021

“Receive a $1,000 rebate to upgrade with an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner.“ The Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program will help 250,000 low-income and vulnerable households improve their thermal comfort by offering rebates to upgrade gas heaters, electric heaters, wood heaters and homes with no heating with energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners.   These upgrades will improve the […]

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Dale Air – Bonaire MB6 – Winter 2021 special Offer

29 April 2021

The team at Dale Air offer a comprehensive range of heating & cooling solutions for your family home. We have over 30 years experience in installing, repairing & replacing Gas Ducted Heating, Evaporative Cooling & Reverse Cycle Systems. We are open 6 days a week, offer all leading brands and service Melbourne wide. Browse our […]

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Multi Split Systems vs Gas Ducted Heating

22 April 2020

To keep you and your family warm and toasty, it is important to find a reliable heating solution.

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Is it time to replace your ducted gas heater?

16 March 2020

Most people do not give their ducted gas heating systems much thought after the initial installation, perhaps expecting the heaters to last forever.

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How to improve the air quality in your home

14 January 2020

Many parts of Australia, including Melbourne and Sydney, have been blanketed by smoke haze due to the devastating bushfires.

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Use your cooling system efficiently this summer

10 December 2019

As summer rolls in, many are turning to their air conditioning system to keep a cool and comfortable indoor environment. This, however, may also mean higher energy consumption and expensive energy bills.

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Why clean your evaporative cooler

18 November 2019

Dale Air – Melbourne’s Evaporative cooling Installation & Servicing Experts – 1300 301 665  With summer coming up, it may be a good idea for you to get your evaporative cooling system cleaned and serviced right now. Even if your system seems to be working just fine, dirt and dust have been accumulating within the […]

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Current trends in air conditioning

14 October 2019

Air conditioning technology is constantly advancing in response to consumer demands. For those who are looking to upgrade their air conditioning systems or to purchase a new one, it may be useful to know the current trends in heating and cooling systems.

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A guide to Bonaire evaporative coolers

19 September 2019

Dale Air – Melbourne’s Bonaire Evaporative Cooling Installation & Servicing Experts – 1300 301 665 As one of the leading manufacturers of evaporative coolers in Australia, Bonaire has been providing homes with top quality air conditioning for more than 60 years. All Bonaire products are manufactured in their factory in Adelaide, and their coolers have […]

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The importance of testing your heating system

10 July 2019

In winter, heating is almost indispensable in every home. Few things can be worse than finding out the heater is broken when the finger-numbing cold hits. This is why it is important for heating systems to be regularly checked and serviced, to ensure they work well when we need them.

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How to improve your heating system’s efficiency

13 June 2019

It’s winter, and that probably means your heating system is turned on most of the days now. And you are probably starting to fret about the upcoming energy bills. Well, you’re not alone.

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6 quick tips to keep warm and cosy this winter

7 May 2019

As the colder months approach, it is time to keep yourself nice and warm. Besides bundling yourself up in layers with a nice cup of hot tea, here are some easy tips to get your house warm and comfortable this winter. Lay out the rugsA great way to keep your feet warm and make your […]

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Heating: What works better in a multi-storey house

9 April 2019

Dale Air – Melbourne’s Heating Installation & Servicing Experts – 1300 301 665 If you are considering installing a heating system into your multi-storey house, you may be wondering which system would work better. There are many versions of gas as well as electric heaters that may work well for double- and multi-storey homes, but […]

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How to be ahead of Melbourne’s hot and cold weather

18 March 2019

Fortunately, there are air conditioning solutions that allow us to turn our home or office into spaces of ultimate comfort every day in every season. Thanks to the reverse cycle technology, many modern air conditioners today have the ability to heat AND cool, which is good news for those living in places with extreme or […]

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Air Conditioners: Portable vs Split System

13 February 2019

When the heat gets to you and fans are just not enough to cool you down during the summer months, you may find yourself looking for an air conditioner. Then the next question would be: should you get a portable unit, or should you go for a professionally installed one like the split system? To […]

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4 Reasons You Should Have A Zoning System

17 January 2019

Dale Air – Melbourne’s Air Conditioning Experts – 1300 301 665 Are you finding it hard to achieve the perfect temperature throughout your home with your current air conditioning system? Do you constantly fiddle with the controller to get the right comfort level for different rooms? Are unwanted hot and cold spots driving you nuts? […]

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5 ways to stay cool this summer

10 December 2018

Summer has certainly made a grand entrance this year, with the temperature soaring up to 39 degrees in Melbourne within the first week of December. As you set out to enjoy the warmer weather, here are some tips for you to stay cool and safe this season. 1. Keep yourself hydrated Make it a goal […]

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