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With summer coming up, it may be a good idea for you to get your evaporative cooling system cleaned and serviced right now.

Even if your system seems to be working just fine, dirt and dust have been accumulating within the unit and ductwork that needs to be cleaned. Dirty evaporative coolers are not just bad for your health, but in some cases, a unit that is extremely clogged up can cause a house fire.

In fact, Energy Safe Victoria recommends homeowners to get their systems serviced annually, following reports of a number of fires caused by evaporative coolers in Victoria in recent years.

How often an evaporative cooling system should be serviced depends on the brand, model and usage, but we do recommend that you get your evaporative cooler serviced at least once a year.

benefits of having your evaporative cooler cleaned:

Improved efficiency

The accumulation of dust, dirt and debris on the ductwork and air filters can reduce the evaporative cooler’s performance. Dirty air filters restrict air flow, which then makes the system work harder than it should. Dust can also cover your evaporative coil, which then further reduces the unit’s ability to cool your home as effectively as it should. Cleaning the system and ducts will greatly improve the unit’s efficiency.

Lower electricity bills

On average, heating and cooling systems account for about 40% of energy use in an Australian household. A dirty air conditioning unit will have to work harder, which means it consumes more power and that increases the operating costs. Just by cleaning your unit, you can potentially cut down the energy consumption by as much as 15%.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs

Regular cleaning can help prevent certain air conditioner problems, such as overheating or ice build-ups. Furthermore, while cleaning the unit, the licensed technician will also be able to check and detect potential issues, thus avoiding unexpected breakdowns. There are few things worse than having the air conditioning unit die on you on the hottest day of summer.

Longer lasting unit

Regular cleaning and maintenance is key to prolonging the life of our evaporative cooling systems. By preventing issues and avoiding heavy breakdowns, the unit will be able to run better and longer. This saves you money in the long run as well, as you won’t need to keep replacing your evaporative cooler.

Better air quality

Besides just cooling your home, your evaporative cooling system also affects the quality of the air circulating indoors. Cleaning the unit will remove stale odour from the air ducts, and allow fresh air to enter your house again. With dust and debris removed from the ducts, you can enjoy clean air in your home.

Cleaner and safer environment

Dust in the air ducts will be blown out to your living space, causing your furniture, bedding and carpet to be dusty and less hygienic. Besides that, air ducts can also contain other pollutants like pet hair and pollen. Plus, a dirty evaporative cooler makes the perfect breeding ground for mould, fungi and bacteria. It is important to clean your unit and keep your home safe from these harmful contaminants, so that you and your family do not suffer respiratory illnesses or asthma and allergic attacks.

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See images below from a recent Evaporative Cooling service we did in Cheltenham. 

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