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Dale Air is an approved supplier under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. As of August 2023, Government Rebates are now available on Ducted Reverse Cycle Units.

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Panasonic Heating And Cooling

Energy Saving Technologies

Panasonic's premium inverter technology creates a powerhouse energy-saving ducted air conditioning system with the ability to lower both cooling capacity and power consumption when required. Panasonic's clever technologies benefit both the environment and your power bill, so your green intention won't prevent you from living a comfortable live.

Designed for the Australian Environment

Our premium inverter ducted systems boast an outstanding operating temperature range. Cooling operation is possible even when it's a scorching up to 48ºC outside, which is perfect for Melbourne's hot summer days and the system can also operate when it's a freeing -20º outside, so there's no worries there with Melbourne winters certainly covered. 

Quiet Operation

The premium inverter ducted systems are amongst the quietest in the world, so you can enjoy the comfort of running your AC or heating at night and still have a relaxing sleep. The outdoor unit is also very quiet which means you don't have to worry about annoying your neighbours.

Cold Drafts During Winter

Cold drafts during start-up are a common unwanted side effect of the ducted air conditioning systems. During heating mode Panasonic Premium Inverter ducted reverse cycle systems employ clever sensor technology that allows airflow to enter the room when it has been warmed.

Better Temperature Control Sensing Allows For Greater Comfort

Another advantage of Panasonic Premium Inverter technology includes its ability to ensure precise temperature control and offer a wider power output range to perform in even the most extreme conditions in Australia, ensuring constant comfort. Panasonic’s new range of outdoor units feature intuitive technology and thoughtful engineering. The two innovative ranges of R32 units, both Deluxe and Compact, feature energy and space saving technologies,
allowing installation in even the tightest and demanding conditions.
Why Choose Panasonic Ducted Cycle Systems
Panasonic Air Filtration System
Panasonic Air Purification System
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Panasonic Ducted Reverse Cycle Smart Controller Devices

Panasonic High Static Pressure Ducted Air Conditioning with nanoe™X Air Purification Technology

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