4 Reasons You Should Have A Zoning System

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Are you finding it hard to achieve the perfect temperature throughout your home with your current air conditioning system? Do you constantly fiddle with the controller to get the right comfort level for different rooms? Are unwanted hot and cold spots driving you nuts?

Melbourne is famous for having four seasons in a day, but we shouldn’t have to endure irregular temperatures within our own homes.

What you need is a zoning system.

Traditional HVAC systems have one thermostat to control the cooling and heating throughout the entire house. However, not all rooms are of the same temperature. For example, rooms with windows that face the sun are usually warmer than shaded ones. As such, in a bid to make one room comfortable, we may be over- or under-cooling other areas.

A zoning system separates the home into different areas or zones, allowing you to control the temperature of each zone independently.

Here are some benefits of a zoning system:

1. Saves money

When you have a zoning system, you get to choose which rooms to cool or heat. For example, when everyone is going to bed at night, you can choose to cool only the bedrooms and not the other areas of the house. This is not only a great way to save energy, but it is also an extremely useful feature to help you lower your utility costs.

2. Flexible

With zone control, it is no longer necessary to set the entire house to just one temperature. For example, the upper level is normally warmer than the main level of a home during hot summer afternoons. Zoning gives you the ability to keep the upstairs cooler without affecting the temperature downstairs.

3. Customised comfort

Not everyone enjoys the same level of cooling or heating. A zoning system allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms, which is especially useful if you and your family members do not share the same comfort preference.

4. Better HVAC lifespan

When you select only the areas that need to be air conditioned, your HVAC does not need to work as hard as it would to cool and heat the entire home. This means that the HVAC will be able to last longer, with less overall repairs too.

Some tips to fully utilise your zoning system

  • Ensure that sun-facing rooms and shaded ones are separated into different zones, since rooms that face the sun absorb more heat.
  • Do not combine rooms on different floors together. Keep the upstairs and downstairs as different groups.
  • The zoning system is especially useful for houses with high ceilings or large windows, as well as those with multiple levels, attics, or large floor plans.
  • Always engage a professional and experienced HVAC contractor to install your zoning system for the best results.

The zoning system can be used on all ducted systems, including Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, Add-On Air Conditioning and Ducted Gas Heating.

To find out more about how the zoning system can benefit you and your home, please contact us at 1300 301 665 or email info@daleair.com.au today!