Multi Split Systems vs Gas Ducted Heating

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As Melbourne enters into its colder months, heating becomes an essential part of the home.

To keep you and your family warm and toasty, it is important to find a reliable heating solution. If you are looking for a system to heat your entire home, you may find yourself trying to decide between gas ducted heating and multi split systems.

To help you in making the best choice, here are some differences between the two systems.

How do gas ducted heating systems work?

Gas ducted heating is often also known as central heating, as it is commonly used to heat the entire household. This system comprises an internal heating unit that is usually installed into a ceiling cavity, and then ducted throughout the home. Air is drawn into the heating unit and heated up with a gas burner. The warm air is then carried throughout the house via the duct network and released through air grilles or vents that are fixed on the ceiling or floor.

Most gas heaters come with one thermostat control that allows you to set a desired temperature. Once it reaches the target temperature, the gas burner and fan will slowly come to a stop to keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

As gas ducted heating requires ductwork, it is usually best to install when building a new home or during major renovations.

How do multi split systems work?

Multi split systems or multi head split systems are very much like split systems, in that they are made up of two units – an indoor unit that releases conditioned air into the home, and an outdoor unit, which contains the compressor. However, unlike the split system, multi splits allow multiple indoor units to be connected to just one outdoor unit.

Multi split systems are ideal for homes with insufficient ceiling space for ducting, or limited space for outdoor units. With this system, you can easily control individual air conditioners for the desired temperature in different rooms.

You can also choose to start with one or two indoor units, before adding more later on if needed.

Main differences between multi split systems and gas ducted heating

As mentioned above, gas ducted heating requires ductwork and a more involved installation work, which also translates to a larger upfront cost. Multi split systems are cheaper, and, if you need to spread the cost out, can be installed room by room according to your budget.

In terms of running costs, gas is generally considered the cheapest form of heating, especially if you have zoning control. Zoning allows you to heat only the areas that you need to, thus making the system more efficient and better in cost-saving. Without zoning control, multi split systems may be the more cost-effective option as it lets you run the units individually.

The system you choose also depends on the area you want to heat. Multi split systems are effective for small areas or individual rooms. In fact, you can install different indoor units according to needs – for example, a larger capacity unit for a larger room, and a smaller capacity unit for a smaller room. But, if you are looking at heating larger areas or keeping an even temperature throughout the entire house, gas ducted heating is the better choice.

When it comes to aesthetics, gas ducted heating works well with most interior designs as it is not visually intrusive. With only the grilles mounted in the ceiling or floor visible inside the house, it is easily overlooked. Multi split air conditioners are bulky units mounted on the wall, although many new models now come in sleek and modern design.

A quick summary of the differences between the two systems:

Advantages of gas ducted heating systems

  • Efficient
  • Low running costs
  • Zoning control
  • Only the air grilles are visible in the house
  • Ideal for heating the entire house or large areas

Advantages of multi split systems

  • Efficient
  • Low upfront cost
  • Can choose each indoor unit according to required capacity
  • Sleek design
  • Ideal for heating selected rooms or small spaces

Overall, both gas ducted heating and multi split system heating have their benefits and advantages. Whichever is chosen depends on your preference and needs, as well as other factors such as house design, space availability, and more.

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