How to be ahead of Melbourne’s hot and cold weather

woman adjusting heating on wall

Fortunately, there are air conditioning solutions that allow us to turn our home or office into spaces of ultimate comfort every day in every season. Thanks to the reverse cycle technology, many modern air conditioners today have the ability to heat AND cool, which is good news for those living in places with extreme or erratic weather conditions.

Here are some of the advantages of using a reverse cycle air conditioning system:

They warm during winter
Unlike conventional heaters that generate heat, a reverse cycle system absorbs heat from the outside air and transfers it inside. Good reverse cycle systems normally come with an automatic defrost cycle, so even if it’s freezing cold outside, your air conditioner can still heat it up.

They cool during summer
When the hotter months come knocking, the system works in reverse. The unit now absorbs heat from within the house and dissipates it outside, before further cooling the air in your home.

They are efficient and cost-effective
Reverse cycle air conditioners, especially those that come with the inverter technology, are extremely energy efficient. It is also cost-effective because you only need to pay once for a unit that basically works the whole year round.

They provide ultimate comfort
Using sensors to keep rooms at the targeted temperature, the reverse cycle system is one of the most effective climate control systems.

Heat and cool your home in Melbourne

Some of the most common reverse cycle air conditioning systems in Australia are:

Split Systems
Split system air conditioners are made up of two components – an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These air conditioners are great for those who are looking to heat and cool just one or two areas in their homes. Many modern split system models also come with air purifying features, perfect to trap fine airborne particles including dust, smoke and pollen.

Multi-Split Systems
Multi-split systems basically work the same way as standard split systems, but can have two or more indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit. This allows better control for individual zones in the home, as well as improved energy efficiency when several indoor units are turned on at the same time.

Ducted Reverse-Cycle Systems
Ducted systems are ideal for those who want an easy way to cool and heat the entire house. However, they can be the most expensive among all three reverse cycle systems, as a ducting system needs to be installed.

Some quick tips to follow to improve the efficiency of your reverse cycle systems:

  1. Close doors and windows to prevent heat loss (during winter) or heat from coming in (during summer).
  2. Turn off the air conditioner when you are not home.
  3. Make use of the zone control if you have a ducted system, so that you can choose to have only selected areas cooled or heated instead of the entire house.
  4. Get air conditioning units with sensors that can detect a person’s presence in a room, and that will automatically turn the unit on (or off) as and when needed.
  5. Air conditioners with an inverter system would use less energy.
  6. Have your air conditioning unit serviced regularly to maintain its performance.

If you are not sure which reverse cycle system would work best for your home, speak to us today. Our friendly team of advisors will give you the best recommendation based on your requirements. For more information, call 1300 301 665 or submit your enquiry online.