6 quick tips to keep warm and cosy this winter

Woman laying on couch

As the colder months approach, it is time to keep yourself nice and warm. Besides bundling yourself up in layers with a nice cup of hot tea, here are some easy tips to get your house warm and comfortable this winter.

Lay out the rugs
A great way to keep your feet warm and make your home look stylish at the same time is to put rugs on the floor. This is especially useful for houses with hard floors, as they keep your feet away from the cold surface. Rugs can also insulate you against the cold, and help to retain warmth in the rooms.

Draw the curtains
Did you know that up to 40% of heat can be lost through windows, even when they are closed? Drawing the curtains and pulling down the blinds will help you keep warm by trapping in the warm air. It can also stop the cool air from flowing in through the window glass panels. Having said that, you should also …

Let the sun in
On sunny days, open up the curtains to let the sunlight in and enjoy some free heating. This works especially well for rooms with windows that face north (morning sun) and west (afternoon sun). Once the sun goes down, however, don’t forget to close the curtains.

Shut the doors
To keep the heat where you want it, shut the doors! For example, if you want the heat to stay within your bedroom, close the room door so that the warm air doesn’t flow out into the hallway.

Turn off the bathroom fans
Bathroom exhaust fans are important to keep the place dry, but be careful not to leave them on when you don’t need them. These fans not only suck out the warm air from within, but they would also draw in the cool air from outside.

Maintain the temperature
Make use of the heating system to keep your home good and toasty. However, don’t blast up the thermostat to 30°C even if you’re feeling very cold. That would actually make your house too hot and probably make you feel sick. Instead, keep the thermostat at 18°C to 21°C, a temperature that most people are comfortable with.

How to use your heating system efficiently

  • Put on warmer clothing so that you don’t have to turn up the heater too high.
  • If you have ducted heating, consider installing a zoning system to allow you to heat only the areas you need.
  • Set the thermostat between 18°C to 21°C for living areas, as anything higher can increase your bill exponentially.
  • Insulate the ceiling, walls and floors of your home to keep the heat inside.
  • Maintain and service your heater frequently.

What not to do when it comes to heating

  • Do not use indoor gas heaters, especially unflued gas heaters, in small rooms or spaces without good ventilation.
  • Do not use outdoor gas heaters, gas cooktop or oven for indoor heating, as they can release a dangerous level of carbon monoxide when left running for hours.
  • Do not turn up the thermostat on high or set the temperature too high when you first turn it on. Allow the room to gradually warm up.
  • Do not leave the heating on when you are not home.
  • Do not light things on fire to keep warm, as it puts you in an extremely dangerous situation.

Looking for a good heating solution that fits your house and requirements? Get in touch with Dale Air today and our team will be able to help you find the best system.