Why use split system air conditioning in your home?

Woman With Remote Control In Front Of Air Conditioner

Living in Melbourne can be a confusing experience when it comes to the weather conditions. While it can be extremely pleasant for most part of the year, the constant change in the weather every day, or even every hour, can be confusing and difficult to live with. Not only do you need to dress up in layers so you can put on your jacket or take off your scarf depending on the temperatures, you also end up constantly trying to achieve ideal temperatures in the comfort of your home. If this is a problem you face in your home too, installing a split air conditioning system might be a handy solution for you.

As the name would suggest, a split system is split into two components: the fan and the evaporator, and a compressor unit. A split system extracts hot air and humidity from inside and expels it outside through the compressor. Coolants in the compressor then cool air from outside and pass it into the building. When heating a space, the opposite of the process takes place, with cold air being pushed outside and warm air being circulated inside a room by the split heating system.

One of the biggest advantages of using a split system heating and cooling your home is that it’s easy to operate. You can use a remote control to choose a temperature and the split system will reach it in no time. Also, since most new systems also purify air, there is a decrease in the amount of dust and allergens circulating in the room or building.

Split systems are also considered to be more cost-effective than its counterparts. They are cheaper to install, since they don’t need any ductwork, saving on labour and installation costs. Instead, the system relies on small pipes and electrical cables that connect the indoor and outdoor units, hence there’s very little modification that’s required in the process of installation. Since split systems are powered by electricity, they can also be subsidized by solar power, significantly reducing electricity bills. Also, since most split systems have both heating and cooling capabilities, you can the same unit through the year.

Unlike other systems, split system heating and cooling can be utilized in places of your choice. Instead of heating up unused spaces in your house, you can have warm or cool air delivered only in the spaces where it’s needed. Furthermore, split systems are much easier to maintain. The indoor unit contains filters which can be easily removed and cleaned by the owner, so you don’t need to hire additional labour for maintenance purposes.

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