Stay warm with the world’s most efficient gas log space heaters: the Archer Gas Log Fire

If you’ve been extra cold this July, it may have something to do with temperatures in Melbourne hitting a crisp low of 1°C. There is no doubt about it fellow Melbournians – we are in the grip of an icy, cold winter – and it is far from over. There are two ways you can tackle the cold that somehow always finds a way to seep into your soul:

Option 1: You can board a flight to balmy Europe at this time of the year. Cocktails, islands, beaches with fine white sand and turquoise blue waters – that’s as tempting as it gets. Only, you will have to eventually return home. And repeat it every year, burning a massive hole in your pocket in the process.

Option 2: Instead of chasing the warmth, bring it into your home with the Archer Gas Log Fire, and enjoy toasty winters for many years to come.

Why the Archer Gas Log Fire? We list their most prominent features that make them a solid investment that you must consider making:

1. The most efficient gas log space heater on the market

With a 5.4 – 5.7 Energy Star rating, Archer Gas Log Heaters are the highest star rated products available in the market today. Thanks to their incredible efficiency, these heaters have the capacity to heat spaces up to 250m2. So that toasty warmth can reach further into and around your home in comparison to heat produced by any other system in the market.

2. 92% combustion efficiency

Simply put, the efficient clean burn of these machines allows for the generation of fewer greenhouse gases when compared to conventional gas heaters. This is a direct benefit to the environment. So you can increase the core temperature in your home without damaging the planet.

3. Zero clearance installation AND a safety screen

The heater’s unique design ensures a zero clearance temperature is achieved on the top, back and sides, allowing it to be installed safely against combustible materials. The door also comes fitted with a safety screen, making it the perfect addition to families with small children.

4. Integrated central ducted heating

The Archer Gas Log Fire will be installed in one room in your home, but it can be integrated with your central ducted heating system. Enjoy uniform heat distribution throughout your home that is quietly and efficiently distributed through the ducting system.

5. In-built humidifier

Remember how your grandma used to put a bowl of water in front of the heater? She did this because gas heaters can dry out the air in a room – and let’s face it – the air in Melbourne is dry enough! Which is exactly why Archer Heaters have an in-built humidifier that collects moisture from burnt gases and condenses it in the back of the machine. This is a fantastic feature for people with sensitive throats.

6. Match its design to your decor

So many contemporary or traditional design options on offer – have your heater built into a mantel, or opt for a free standing one; go with a powder coat finish, or paint finish – you can tailor your heater to suit the décor in your home.

There’s no need to shiver your way through winter – simply give us a call here at Dale Air on 1300 301 665 so that we can discuss your heating needs.