Reverse cycle or gas ducted heating: Which one’s right for you?

woman adjusting heating on wall

When building your home, one of the bigger investments that you need to prepare for is the heating and cooling system that will regulate temperatures in your house for years to come. This is a big purchase, and in addition to choosing the right brand, you also need to decide which heating system would be right for your home, your budget and your needs. Inevitably, the most popular choices among homeowners continue to be gas ducted heating and ducted reverse cycle systems, since they keep your whole home warm through one system.

So what’s the difference between these systems?

A gas ducted heating system heats up your entire home to a temperature of your choice, with the option to heat specific rooms, instead of the whole house. In this system, a heating unit is connected to a series of outlets through floor or ceiling of the house via ducts, depending on the design of your home. The system draws air from the home through an air grille, and passes it on to a heater where it is warmed and then gently passed through the rooms using ducts. The heating unit and fan comes to a gradual stop once the desired temperature has been reached. Additionally, zoning ensures higher efficiency since you can isolate the areas of your home where heating isn’t required. As the name suggests, a gas ducted system consumes gas to generate heat.

A ducted reverse cycle system uses electricity to regulate temperatures. When heating a space up, this system extracts heat from the outside and transfers it inside. Additionally, a reverse refrigerant cycle in the system further warms the air that is being drawn inside. The hot air produced by the system is then pushed out into the different rooms through ducts, much like a gas ducted system. Most reverse cycle systems today offers the additional advantage of being more energy efficient, which means they lead to lower electricity bills. Additionally they also heat and cool the whole space through one system, unlike gas ducted units.

If you’re looking to install a heating system in your home, it’s important to consider the costs you’ll need to account for in the long term. Bills are one such expense. Since electricity is typically cheaper than gas, investing in a reverse cycle system might be more beneficial for you. Choosing between both systems becomes easier once you can estimate the maintenance and usage costs to expect.

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