Is it time to upgrade your heating system?

enjoying a warm house

When investing in a heating system, we often like to think that it will last us a lifetime, requiring few repairs and fixes in the years to come. This is an ideal situation, but often enough, the heating system needs more than just a few odd fixes in the course of its lifespan.

But how do you tell it’s time to upgrade your system to a model that is advanced and more efficient?

The first, most obvious sign is the frequency of repairs that the system requires. If you’ve had your heating system for several years and it’s starting to break down too often, you need to consider if it would be more cost-efficient to upgrade the system altogether. When you add up the cost of replacing parts with that of the labour it entails, you will see that it’s a hefty bill, and one you shouldn’t have to deal with too often. Moreover, heating systems such as these also tend to be less energy-efficient, which means you’re dealing with higher gas or electricity bills in the long run. You might feel upgrading at this stage is unnecessary, but bear in mind that is an investment in the long run, despite the upfront cost. After an upgrade, you will notice a substantial reduction in your energy costs, not to mention fewer instances of the system breaking down.

Secondly, if you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat on your heating system to no effect, it might be your heating system giving up on you. Over a period of time, heating systems may struggle to distribute their heat evenly, leading to inconsistent temperature in your home. And if all zones in the house are regulated through a single thermostat, you can expect uneven temperatures in different rooms, which can be especially uncomfortable in separate bedrooms at night. The first step in such situations would be to check if your thermostat is working fine. Following this, consider getting your heating system tested for dirty air filters and blockages in the ductwork. If none of these seem to be the issue, it’s probably best to upgrade your heating system to a modern, more efficient model.

If your heating system has been making odd sounds such as rattling, banging or squealing, it could be because of a loose bolt. Or it may be a sign of your heating system starting to break down. If it has been running longer than it used to when heating the house up, it’s another clear sign that you’re due for an upgrade. Over time, heating systems take longer to do the same job that they used to, and the drop in performance is a clear indication that the system’s efficiency has reduced. This in turn means higher energy bills, making the system less cost-effective.

If your heating system has reached the end of its lifespan, or displays any of the above signs, an upgrade may be required. If you’re unsure, get in touch with Dale Air Heating and Cooling Melbourne for an inspection today, so you continue staying warm through winter.