Heating efficiency with gas ducted systems

woman adjusting heating on wall

Melbourne is facing one of its coldest winters in a long time, with record-breaking low temperatures being reached every few days. Add to it rains and strong winds and you’re left with weather that will leave you shivering unless you have multiple layers on. Alternatively, an efficient heating system can keep you warm and cosy in your home, even as the temperatures dip outside. It’s no wonder then that installing efficient heating systems are a top priority, since they would be used for most part of the autumn and winter months and need to be cost-effective.

Of the different types of heating systems available in the market, ducted gas heating systems are traditionally considered to be the most cost-effective. The fans and burners in a ducted system stop running once the preferred temperatures have been reached in a given space, which ensures all the heat generated is distributed throughout your house through the ducts, reducing energy wastage. With flexible zoning options in modern ducted heating systems, you can regulate multiple independent zones in your home at the same time, such as the living area and different bedrooms, instead of the whole house. Identifying multiple zones ensures you’re not wasting any energy heating spaces
that don’t need it.

A second benefit of gas ducted systems is that unlike split systems, they can be used to heat up the whole house through the same heating unit. You can easily heat up spaces in the home that aren’t close to where the heating unit is located. The location of the heating unit will depend on the design of your house, and could be placed either under your flooring, or in the ceiling. Since the heating unit produces heat through gas, you can expect cheaper bills in comparison to split systems that run on electricity.

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