Ducted gas vs. split system: Which heating is right for you?

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Melbournian’s shivered their way through the coldest start to a winter in 36 years this year. Some did it without the appropriate heating too.

Ducted Gas Vs. Split System: Which Heating Is Right For your Melbourne home

Many factors can come into the decision to buy a heater. Two of the most fought over decisions seem to be split systems versus gas ducted heaters. When you are freezing cold, any heater sounds good and will do, but there is a right heater for you. There is a right heater for everyone. A ducted gas heating system is the more environmentally friendly option according to the Australian gas network, for example in Victoria a gas powered hot water system emits 83% less CO2 than its electric equivalent. So even when the environment isn’t being friendly to us it’s worth keeping in mind we should be friendly to it. Split systems though will suit any family on a tighter budget, and in a smaller living space. Bearing in mind all heating systems are a step up from standing in front of the oven while your roast dinners cook.

A ducted gas heating system will heat the whole house to a perfect temperature of your choosing. Adding to this, a gas ducted heater can be set to heat only specific rooms. How this occurs is through a heating unit which is connected to a series of outlets through the floor or the ceiling of the house via ducts, depending on the design of your home.

The fans and burners in a ducted system stop running once the preferred temperatures have been reached in a given space, this will ensure all the heat generated is evenly distributed throughout your house via the ducts, reducing energy wastage. While the naysayers of gas will tell you that it causes condensation leading to mould, or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Both of these things can be easily combated by sending the fumes outside through a flue or pipe.

What if I don’t have a whole house? Good question, and this usually is answered with split heating system is the perfect option for you. With electricity being one of the highest bills a family can receive, the idea of adding to that can be off putting to say the least. But in some parts of Victoria gas prices almost match its electric cousin in the bill pile.

Electric heaters are great for small tailored spaces, bedrooms, and lounge rooms in particular, and during a Melbourne winter these two spaces are heavily occupied. With that in mind electric heaters being as easy and portable as they are would make for a good option. With that though, they are big energy users, and have famously left many people surprised when receiving that infamous energy bill. There is nothing worse than the moment you realise that leaving the split system on all day and night isn’t a good idea for the bank account.

Every house has unique requirements and every person inside that house too. You could be a single creative, living in a warehouse loft in Melbourne’s inner suburbs and only need the one room toasty for your late night musings. Or on the contrary you could be a family of four or five or six and live in a great big house with kids running around with cold feet on the bathroom tiles, and or concrete walls that make it feel like you live in an igloo. Or you are somewhere in between these two extremes of Melbourne life. Regardless, based on this information I hope a decision can be made for you.

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