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Split System Heating

Split System Air Conditioner

Wall hung split systems are a simple and affordable way to air condition or heat single rooms or smaller open spaces. The most common residential split-system is made up of two units — an outside noisy unit, the compressor and an inside quiet air outlet unit. The two units are connected by pipes that carry refrigerant.

Split systems utilise DC inverter technology, which means that they automatically regulate the power applied to the compressor to provide more precise climate control, low noise levels, and elimination of temperature fluctuations all while using less energy.

Wide varieties of models are available to suit your requirements and come in either wall mounted or floor standing types. At Dale Air we will recommend the best brands and the most energy efficient solution for your needs.

Split Systems Heating suited for homes where you spend most of your time in one or two areas Best suited to homes where you spend most of your time in one or two areas.
Wall Split System Dale Air Melbourne The most popular and stylish split system is the Wall Split.
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