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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I attach Evaporative Air Conditioner to my Heating?

No, Evaporative air conditioning systems have much more air volume than ducted heaters.

Therefore, the ducting needs to be much bigger and the outlets are placed in a different position of the room than the heating vents.

What is the difference between air-conditioning systems and evaporative cooling?

Air-conditioners, condition the same air and have return air and supply registers.

Evaporative coolers don't condition the air, they change air, so they bring in cool air and push out hot air via open windows (so no return air)

What does the term "split system" mean?

Split system simply means that the system is "split in two". There is an indoor unit and an out door unit.

What is zoning?

Zoning applies to ducting systems. It enables the user to turn "Off" areas of the home when no-one is using it, and turn "On" the other areas that are being used in the home.

This saves the user in the end significantly when it comes to energy usage and costs.

How does a High Efficiency ducted heater save me money and how much?

A standard efficiency heater is approximately 70% fuel efficient. That means that 30% of all the heating generated goes outside, via a flue (Older systems can be much less than 70%)

High Efficiency heating systems can be as much as 96% fuel efficient! Much less heat is emitted via the flue thus saving real money.

If I have a large split system installed will it condition the entire home?

No, oversizing a split system, can be just as bad as a unit which is too small.

A split system is a room air-conditioner and designed to condition the room that it is in.

Depending on the design of the home you may however, get some spill over effect into other rooms.

What is a Multi-split?

A multi split means that you would have one outdoor unit connected to several indoor units. You have individual temperature controls in each room.

It is an economical way to go as you only pay to run one condensing unit for all rooms

What is an Inverter type unit?

Inverter is the name of the technology that allows the capacity of the unit to increase and decrease according to the demand on the home.

There are three main benefits to an "Inverter" compared to standard air-conditioners:

1.The system will be much cheaper to run (up to 50%)
2. The system will be much quieter (both indoor and outdoor units)
3. The system will provide a much better comfort level. This is because the compressor will adjust itself automatically and not simply turn on and off according to room temperature.

What is the best way for me to heat and cool my home?

The best thing for a consumer to do is to go through an authorised dealer such as Dale Air.

We offer a free quotation or site assessment and make sure that you are getting the right options for your particular situation and expectations.

We have the right experts at your disposal.

If I am building a home, when is it the best time to install my heating and cooling?

It is always best to get us on to the site before plasterboard is installed.

Then we can conceal all the services for you and get the best result.

We can work with your builder to take the hassle out of everything.