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Multi Split Air Conditioner

A flexible and convenient cooling solution for multiple rooms

Multi split air conditioning is one of the more efficient and cost-effective systems if you are looking to cool multiple rooms.

Just like split system, the multi split system has two separate units – one outside the house, and the other inside. However, the difference is that a multi split system is capable of operating two or more indoor units, with just one outdoor unit required.

Multi split air conditioners are ideal for situations where there is limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducting. They also allow for individual control of the air conditioning in each room – each indoor unit can be individually controlled and set to the desired temperature, optimising comfort levels. It also offers savings on running costs, as wastage is eliminated by only cooling rooms as you need to.

The multi split system uses Inverter Technology, meaning the inverter adjusts the power to suit your requirements. Simply put – the inverter continuously adjusts its heating and cooling output in accordance with your desired temperature. Once reached, it is constantly maintained, keeping you nice and comfortable, and saving you money at the same time.

Multi Split Air Conditioner Melbourne Dale Air


Why Multi Split System?


Multi split air conditioning systems are more affordable to purchase and install, compared to ducted air conditioning. Its ability to allow each indoor units to be individually controlled also helps you save on running costs, lowering your power bills.

Energy efficiency

By operating multiple indoor units from one external air compressor, multi split air conditioning is among the most energy efficient air conditioners available. Its energy saving settings also helps to reduce power. Being able to have multiple indoor units, you will also have the ability to choose the right indoor device to suit each room, to ensure that you’re not wasting power. For example, a unit that is too small for a big room, or a device that is too big for a small room, will use more power every time you turn it on.


The multi split system is a good choice for small homes, apartments, townhouses and other buildings with limited outdoor space, as you can have multiple indoor devices without installing several outdoor units.

Easy installation

Unlike traditional HVAC units, a multi split system is easier to install as it does not require the use of long and expensive ducts. It is designed specifically for individual interior areas, making it ideal for houses without ductwork, or for rooms that do not have ducting.

Full control

Multi split air conditioning systems offer you full control, in that you can select the rooms you want to air condition. Not only that, but you can also run and control each indoor unit independently. For instance, you can choose to turn on the unit in the living area but not the bedroom, or you can set the nursery to be slightly colder than the dining area.


The multi split system is amazingly flexible, as it allows you to choose the right indoor unit for each room of your house. You can go for smaller and quieter air conditioners for the bedrooms, and higher capacity ones for larger areas, all connected to just one outside unit. You can even choose to add in more indoor air outlets later on if needed.


AT A GLANCE – The benefits of multi split systems cooling:

  • Economical
  • Energy efficient
  • Space-saving
  • Easy installation
  • Full control
  • Flexible
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the multi split system economical?

The multi split system uses one outdoor unit that is connected to several indoor units. It is an economical way to go as you only pay to run one condensing unit for all rooms.

What types of indoor units can I use with this system?

Each indoor unit type is designed with specific features that target different spaces and environments. You can generally choose from Wall Mounted, Floor Standing, Bulkhead, Ceiling Mounted Ducted, Cassette, and Ceiling Suspended types. Please speak to us for more information.


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