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VRV Systems Cooling

The best option for vast or commercial spaces

The VRV system (Variable Refrigerant Volume) is similar to a split system, but instead of having just one indoor unit to one outdoor unit, you can have up to 20 indoor units for each outdoor unit.

It is a multi-split type of air conditioner best suited for enormous houses and commercial buildings. If you are looking to cool vast spaces, as well as areas with tall ceilings, the VRV system could be just what you’re after.

This system uses variable refrigerant flow control to allow the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building. Independent control of each unit avoids energy waste and a wide range of indoor unit options provides great flexibility.

Daikin VRV outdoor units can be easily located on the roof, avoiding the need for a plant room. Installation can be carried out one floor at a time.

The indoor units can be chosen from a wide selection of styles and capacities, ranging from wall mounted systems, to concealed bulkhead units, to ducted indoor units. These units can be individually controlled from individual controllers, or through a centralised controller.

Why VRV Systems?

Energy-saving operation

The VRV system is a great option for commercial buildings, as the ability to adjust energy output for different levels and rooms makes it cost-effective. Its precise individual control and inverter technology also minimises energy consumption, delivering optimum energy savings.

Adaptable design

The VRV air conditioning system can be customised to suit exact requirements. The modular design of outdoor units and the wide selection of indoor units make them suitable for most environments and applications.

Quiet operation

The VRV air conditioning system operates quietly, making it ideal for offices and other commercial buildings where employees cannot afford to be distracted by loud air conditioners.

Zoning system

VRV systems allow zone controls, which means individual climate control settings can be set for each zone to provide the most comfort. This also ensures that the air conditioning remains energy efficient, and saves on energy costs.

Easy control

With the VRV system, it is extremely easy to make temperature adjustment across different levels and areas of the building. You can either use individual controllers to adjust individual units, or use the centralised controller.


As the VRV air conditioning system allows you to only use only the units that you need when you need, there is less wear and tear in the long run. Its multiple-compressor invertor system also means that the system operation can be distributed evenly, instead of overburdening one part of the system. This in turn will allow the unit to last longer as a whole.

AT A GLANCE – The benefits of VRV systems cooling:

▪ Energy-saving
▪ Adaptable design
▪ Quiet operation
▪ Zoning system
▪ Easy control
▪ Long-lasting

Brands we offer


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Mitsubishi Electric creates high quality electrical and electronic products - for the home, business and industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system and the VRV system are essentially the same HVAC technology. However, the VRV system is the official trademark of the system invented by Daikin, based on Inverter Technology Compressors. All the other companies go with the term VRF.

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