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Get ready to keep your family cool and comfortable this summer. Evaporative cooling is a great way to bring the natural breeze in.

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Why Bonaire Evaporative Cooling?



Evaporative cooling systems are energy efficient and they use less power per hour than other forms of cooling. This translates to better savings on energy bills.


Enjoy cool,
moist air

Evaporative cooling uses 100% fresh, outside air instead of recirculating indoor air, keeping your home well ventilated. It also produces moist air that will not dry out your skin.


Fresh air and allergy-free

As the outside air is drawn within through the cooling pads, it goes through filters to keep impurities and pollens out, providing an allergy-free environment.



Evaporative cooling systems are more environmentally friendly as they do not use CFCs. They also use less electricity compared to other cooling systems.


Keep the doors open

Evaporative cooling systems allow you to enjoy summer in alfresco style, as they work perfectly even when you open the doors and windows.

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