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Air Con Installation Melbourne

Air conditioner installation services

With more than 18 years of experience and a team of over 40 people, Dale Air is a leader in air conditioning in Melbourne.

Our friendly and fully qualified team will assess your house prior to the installation, to ensure the whole process proceeds smoothly. You will also be guided through the plan step by step, so that you know exactly what we will be doing.

Brands we supply and install

Easy steps to the Air Conditioner Installation Process

  • economical air conditioning


    With the zoning system, you won’t have to cool areas you don’t need, which means you get to save money on energy costs in the long run.

  • cost effective air conditioning


    You only need to pay for installation once for a unit that essentially works the whole year round – it cools in summer and warms in winter!

  • Daikin zoning system

    Zoning system

    The zoning system divides your house into different areas or zones. You can then choose to turn on the air conditioning for only certain zones, or vary the airflow throughout your home

  • air conditioning with climate control

    Climate control

    The reverse cycle system uses sensors to keep rooms at the targeted temperature, and is one of the most effective climate control systems.

  • beautiful air conditioning units

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are less visually intrusive than some of the other systems – the only things visible inside your house are the return air and discharge grilles or ceiling vents.

Dale Air offers a no hassle installation process.

Our sales team are experts in their field and have product knowledge second to none.

We offer a free in-home quotation where the customer will receive a written quotation for a system that will suit their needs. There may be two or three options in terms of brand and style of system which will be explained on the day of the quote. The quotation can be done during or after working hours and even on a Saturday if that is more convenient. From there the job can be booked in with our office for a time and day which suits.

What to expect on the Day of the Installation?

On the day before the installation is to take place, the customer will receive a confirmation call to remind them that our team will be there.
Our installation team will arrive and walk through the installation process with the customer before commencing the installation itself.

Will the installer test / demonstrate the air conditioner before leaving?

Upon completion our installation team will hand over all warranties as well as explain the workings of the system and how best to use it.

How long will it take for the air conditioner to be installed?

Most systems that are installed by Dale Air will be installed in one day. A wall split system will take approx. 4 hours and the customer could choose an AM or PM time (whatever suits them).

Is there anything else that the customer needs to prepare, i.e. some permit or approval, etc.?

There is no need for a council permit for an air conditioner to be fitted although we at Dale Air will provide an electrical certificate as well as a certificate of compliance.

Is the installation work guaranteed?

All of our work is fully guaranteed. We give our customers a six-year warranty on all workmanship, as well as provide a Certificate of Compliance and an Electrical Certificate of Safety.
This is a company guarantee, so the customer has one point of call should they have any problems down the track, instead of having to go through a manufacturer.

Can a new air conditioner be installed on the second level of my two-storey home?

An air conditioner can be installed into the top level of a two-storey home.
The modern split systems can be installed quite some distance apart and in fact can take up to 30 metres of pipe in between the outdoor unit and the indoor.
Our consultants can advise where each part would go and can give an all up cost for both the system as well as the installation.
Our installation teams will not only commission and test the unit after installation, but they will also demonstrate all of the features and advise the customer on the best way to use their new system.

What's the process to replace an old air conditioner? Do you remove my old unit, and what's the cost to do so?

Old air conditioners need to be decommissioned in a proper manner by our fully qualified trades people.
If it is an old split system then the system must be pumped down, which ensures that none of the refrigerant gas is released to the atmosphere.
Once this is done then the unit can be dismantled and disposed of to a proper recycler.
There is a cost to this approx. $150 but it is important that this is done in accordance with the laws.

How are we different from other electrical stores?

When split systems are bought from an electrical store, the customer buys the unit but not the installation. In most cases, the electrical store will recommend an installer who is generally a sole trader.
The issue with that is twofold:
a) If there is an issue with the system, the electrical store is not generally interested so customers are directed to the installer
b) Being sole traders, the installers can be difficult to get hold of, or it’s hard to pin down on a time to attend
The other downside with this is that the customer may have been given a cost for the installation but, because the salesperson is not an expert in the process, the cost sometimes ends up more than expected.
With Dale Air, however, we provide expert consultation with a written all up cost on system and installation. We also offer company guarantee for all jobs, and a one point of call should there be any problems.
We provide premium quality products, workmanship, and service.

What size air conditioner do I need?

The best way to find out is to have an expert measure this up for you.
Air conditioners are not sized only on the floor area of the rooms.
There are other factors such as the size and orientation of windows, what material the home is built from as well as the roof (metal or tile), etc.
These are all factors which come into the correct selection of an air conditioner.
At Dale Air we offer a free in-home quotation.

How do I know how much it will cost to run my air conditioner?

All brands must publish an EER rating which stands for Energy Efficiency Rating.
The higher the rating then the more energy efficient the system is.
As a rule, the lower capacity systems will have a higher rating and the larger ones will have a lower rating.
When comparing brands this is the best way to compare and tell which one will be cheaper to run.

When building a new home can I build in my split systems?

Split systems do not need to be a wall type (which is the most popular and cost effective) but they can be bulkhead type which are concealed, and the only visible item is a grille.
There are also floor consoles as well as ceiling cassettes which will sit flush on to a finished ceiling.

Can I install a central cooling and heating system in my home?

Yes, fully ducted split systems can be installed into new or existing homes.
This will allow you to cool the home or part of the home.
No units on the wall just a simple smart looking ceiling grille in each room of the home

If I have a ducted system can I turn off the areas of the home that are not occupied?

Yes a ducted system can be zoned.