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Victorian Government Rebates for Energy Efficient Systems

Victorian Government Rebates for Energy Efficient Systems

Heating your home can cost you a lot in energy bills. On average, households in Victoria can spend as much as a third of their energy bill on heating alone.

One of the main reasons heating bills are increasing is because old gas heaters are less energy efficient. By changing your gas heater to a newer, more energy efficient model, you can see a substantial reduction in your energy bills.

To help homeowners reduce their energy costs, the Victorian government has introduced the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. Through this program, homeowners are able to receive rebates or discounts when they switch over to new, energy efficient systems.

Some quick facts about the VEU program:

  • Homeowners can receive rebates for replacing old heating systems with more energy efficient systems, or for just purchasing new energy efficient systems (5-star or 6-star systems)
  • The amount of rebate can vary, depending on a few different factors
  • These rebates are given through businesses that are accredited under the program (Accredited Providers)
  • The Accredited Provider will be able to help you understand the program better and to obtain the discount or rebate
  • Dale Air is an Accredited Provider for the VEU program, which means we are authorised to create Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates and provide a financial incentive to our customers who want to change their old inefficient heaters to new high efficiency models.

    We are also able to advise you on the type of products that are eligible to be installed, and how to participate in the program.

    To find out how you can benefit from the VEU program and receive rebates or discounts for your new heating system, please call us at 1300 301 665 or fill up the form below.

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