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Split Systems Cooling

Style and Technology

Best suited for homes where you spend most of your time in one or two areas. A Split System will heat and cool a space in an extremely efficient manner.

A Split System does not mean it will heat and cool (although it can) but it does mean that the unit is split into two pieces.

A split air conditioner contains two separate sections, one indoor and one outdoor. The fan coil is the indoor unit and classed as the 'quiet' part. The condensing unit is outside and houses the compressor known as the 'noisy' part.

Silent Cooling

The fact that the unit is split ensures a peaceful and quiet environment in the room with any noise outside, although modern systems are quiet as well.

Split Systems Styles

The most popular is a Wall Split but there is also Floor Consoles, Bulk-Head Units, Cassette Style and Under Ceiling Type. Dale Air only recommend the best brands and the most energy efficient solution for your needs.

Split Systems Cooling suited for single room Best suited to homes where you spend most of your time in one or two areas.
Wall Split cooling System The most popular and stylish split system is the Wall Split.
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