Whatever environment you need climate control, LG Air Conditioners are the ideal solution. Proven in the harshest environments on the planet, LG is a world leader in air conditioning technology. Whether you’re looking for a system for your apartment, house or office building we’ve got the energy efficient, easy to use and reliable solution.

Ultimate combination of stylish design and smart technology

lg artcool gallery LG ART COOL Split System models are the ultimate combination of Stylish Design and Smart Technology, giving you comfortable temperatures all year round. With powerful air throw and louver control cooling is fast and powerful. It also has low noise levels and auto clean features. With ART COOL changeable panels you can change the colour of your air conditioning unit to match your room’s décor. This truly is where function meets design.

Artcool Gallery air conditioner

ART COOL is an innovative series of LG air conditioners that shows off your good sense and your good taste. With this attractive heat/cool split-system model, a customisable panel lets you express your individual style with your own artwork or photography, while efficiently cooling your living or work space.
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LG Cassettes

Ideal for various applications including the lounge, family room, restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms. LG cassette model air conditioners can be installed for long distances (up to 50m) and high elevation applications (up to 30m). With independent vane control you can adjust air currents to just the way you like them. It’s slim and compact design makes it easier to install, even in confined spaces. Combined with improved low noise technology and greater efficiency the LG cassette systems will create a comfortable environment wherever you are.

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